Photo Montage

In my montage I’ve place items about what I can see myself in 10 Years. For starters is the background.  The background is a home that was created in the woods and used wood logs. I plan on living here either by myself or with some friends so we can all have fun in one home. Nature is the one thing I love being around so I believe a home in the woods would fir best for me.

I plan on getting paid well as a chef or a marine biologist to keep my home or any items I plan on buying. I pasted Gordon Ramsay because I want to be a skilled chef like him so I wont have to buy fast food and waste more of my paychecks. Besides I also find it cool to cook in front of friends to show off my skills. I would also work as a chef but it wouldn’t be my best choice.

A car I plan on getting is a Dodge Challenger Hellcat because i like the sound when they accelerate and i love the car model it has and there is so many customizations and colors that could fit well with the vehicle. I love the interior of the dodge because its not leather nor cheap and very easy stainable seating, The ring light of the car is awesome to look at because it really brings out the car’s personality. I would also travel to places and learn about many countries. I also plan on going to the army to learn combat skills and teamwork. Not only that but if my friends and I lived together we would be playing games on some days.


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